221 Main St

McGregor, IA 52157

Call us: (563) 873-2900

Email: itsbythespoonful@gmail.com



10 AM - 6 PM


8 AM - 6 PM


8 AM - 5PM

By the Spoonful is nestled between the Mississippi River and the towering bluffs of Northeast Iowa, where the streets are lined with 19th century buildings housing antique and specialty shops, and restaurants. Offering a unique shopping experience, a variety of foods, wine, beer and teas. We specialize in Iowa-made goods, dairy treats, locally sourced meats, and homemade take & bake meals. 

-Cooking classes for everyone. We will be releasing a schedule for all the our upcoming classes for, entrees, desserts and appetizers.  

-Espresso bar with a full range of gourmet coffee drinks for breakfast or midday pick me up.

-Deli While your in or near McGregor for shopping or visiting our outdoor wonders at Pikes Peak State Park, Effigy Mounds National Monument , or the mighty Mississippi River stop in and take advantage of our great deli selection for a great lunch.

221 Main St

McGregor, IA 52157

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