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Perfect Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries are always a crowd pleaser. During the major holiday seasons I make chocolate covered strawberries in addition to special occasions and even extra for Valentine’s Day. I make so many that my wrist starts to hurt from all the stirring needed to temper the chocolate. Since having made so many chocolate covered strawberries, I have figured out some tricks to keeping the process simple and to make perfect looking chocolate covered strawberries that are quite impressive.

I now will share with you my tricks of the trade! First, you need to read my Chocolate Tempering 101 to familiarize yourself with how to temper chocolate so you get shinny looking chocolate that will snap when you bite into that red juicy strawberry. Once you have caught up on chocolate tempering how-to…..

You will need:

Large Strawberries, washed and dried
1 Batch correctly tempered chocolate
Cold water
Paper towels
1 large bowl
Sheet pan

I always find setting up a mini work station makes the chocolate covering process run quite smoothly. Starting from the left going right, place washed and dried strawberries, then have your bowl of tempered chocolate, next a large bowl with cold water and ice, and last a few layers of paper towels on the counter. If you want you can line a sheet pan instead for easy moving of the finished strawberries but I normally just line the counter with paper towels.

Tip: Don’t crowd the water bowl with too much ice, have just enough ice to have ice cold water and still have room for strawberries. If you have too much ice, there will be no place for the strawberries to float. Don’t worry; I will explain next why strawberries will be floating in ice water.

(Pist: Roll cursor over each picture to get additional tips.)

So let’s start making perfect chocolate covered strawberries! Hold one strawberry by the stem, dip strawberry into tempered chocolate so that all but your fingers and the stem are in the chocolate, pull strawberry out and shake gently to remove excess chocolate. If you correctly tempered your chocolate any excess chocolate will easily stream off the strawberry when gently shaken. Once most of excess chocolate is off and a nice layer of chocolate remains on the strawberry, turn strawberry upside down (the pointed end of your strawberry should be pointing up) and gently shake for a few seconds. This last shacking will smooth out the chocolate on the tip of the strawberry. You should now have a perfect chocolate covered strawberry in your hand.


To harden the chocolate quickly so you keep that perfect looking strawberry, carefully lower your freshly chocolate-covered strawberry into the ice cold water. Be careful not to bump any ice. Let go of strawberry and allow it to float in the ice water. Some strawberries float, others sink. Either way, let strawberry sit in ice water for 1-2 minutes. Remove strawberry shaking as much water off as possible. Check to make sure the strawberry has hardened by tapping it with your finger in a few places. If the chocolate is not hardened, return it to the ice water and add more ice to the bowl. Your ice water isn’t cold enough if the chocolate hasn’t hardened after a few minutes. If the chocolate has hardened, place strawberries on the paper towels to dry off. You have just successfully covered a strawberry that looks professionally flawless!

Once you get going, you can have multiple chocolate covered strawberries hanging out in the ice water bath. Since I have chocolate covered oh so many, many strawberries I have a nice process figured out. I use a large enough bowl so 8-10 covered strawberries will be in the ice water at one time, rotating hardened chocolate with freshly covered strawberries as I go.

You may want to pat strawberries dry with a paper towel so that they don’t end up with water stains.

 Dress up your strawberries with white or chocolate drizzle.


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