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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a few questions that tend to come up regularly and may answer some of yours. You can always call us at (563) 873-2900 or email us at

Why don’t you have a full menu for each class?  Katie bases her classes on what is seasonal and fresh so the menu changes regularly. If the menu is important to you, feel free to call or email us and we will get you in touch with the instructor for more class/menu details.

Is it possible to schedule a private class or event?  At this time Katie does not do private classes due to her commitment to the store. But, classes are great experiences for your corporate or private parties/events.  Just call Katie at (563) 873-2900 or email us at to see if she can make your event work in her schedule.

Are classes held at By The Spoonful? No, classes are currently held in the wonderful basement kitchen at the First Congregational United Church located at 429 Main Street, McGregor, IA. Classes not affiliated with First Congregational United Church

Does the First Congregational United Church have a parking lot?  No, parking is off street. There are several spaces along both sides of Main Street. Prior to class we send an email to all participants with more details about parking.

Can I purchase a class for my child?  Yes!  We love for kids/teens to participate. We ask that the child be at least 8 years old. Feel free to call us at the store for class recommendations.

I am not able to attend my preregistered class… what should I do?  Call us at (5631) 873-2900 as soon as you know there is a conflict. Please read our Fine Print statement for more information.

I have a food allergy. Can I still take one of your classes?  Most of our classes are or can be allergy/aversion-friendly. If you have a specific food allergy or aversion please call us so we can make accommodations (563) 873-2900 or email us at

The class I am interested in is full… do you have a waiting list?  We do not have waiting lists for our classes but if you are having a tough time finding a class, just email us at

Who do I speak to about class issues?  Katie would love to help! Email us at or call  us at (563) 873-2900.


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